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Medical Office Building: Structural Engineering above three parking levels

Two levels of medical office space above 3 levels of partial subterranean parking. The structure has irregular geometry. The front and rear of the building are laid out on varies radii. The sides are non-parallel. Other challenges include high seismic area, non-parallel lateral force resisting systems, in-plane discontinuity of lateral force resisting systems, offset lateral force resisting systems, reentrant corners and diaphragm discontinuity.

BSE performed a dynamic analysis to optimize the lateral force system. The upper structure is special concentric braced frames above special concrete shear walls at the parking levels.

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Structural Engineers for Commercial Office Space with small space

A small site created challenge to accommodate both the desired office space square footage and the required parking. The parking is tucked under part of the second level of the office. The back of the building has a zero set-bank was constructed against another zero set-back building. Eccentric footings and grade beams were used to support the rear of the building. The exterior walls are leaning out and curving. The building is in a high seismic area. The lateral force resisting system is a combination of plywood shear walls and special moment frames.

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Office Above Retail Structural Challenge

The architect created natural light for the office space with a saw-tooth roof, large exterior widows/doors and no interior bearing elements on the upper level. Exposed long span glu-lam beams were used to create the open space.

BSE was able to utilize plywood shear walls as an economical lateral force resisting system and a steel moment frame at the retail store front.

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