Structural Engineering Medical Equipment Support

Burke Structural Engineers understands the structural challenges of health care equipment anchorage requirements in high seismic areas. For new medical equipment support and equipment replacements in existing structures, we analyze the existing structural framing for the new equipment loads.

BSE details retrofit and reinforcement of existing framing members as required for structural support for the loads of MRI’s and other heavy imaging equipment. BSE utilizes post-installed mechanical anchors, epoxy anchors and through bolting as necessary for large equipment anchorage.

BSE is also experienced with the installation of radiation equipment such as Gamma Knifes and the challenges they present.

Health Care Equipment Support/OSHPD Portfolio

Known as one of the best structural engineering companies, Burke SE has extensive experience in the Healthcare field and with California’s Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSPHD) projects. Our familiarity with healthcare and OSHPD structural engineering projects allowed us to provide the best possible structural engineering solutions to the complex challenges these projects present.

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